Matheson Announces Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship in association with Trinity College Dublin

Leading Irish law firm Matheson has today announced the formation of the Matheson Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship in association with Trinity College Dublin (TCD).  The Scholarship will be open to second year undergraduate law students in TCD including students on the Higher Education Access Route or the Disability Access Route to Education schemes, mature students and students who face barriers in participating in third level education. 

Commenting today, Michael Jackson Managing Partner at Matheson said:

A key focus of Matheson’s Diversity and Inclusion Commitment is to proactively address the issue of social mobility. We believe that initiatives to support students who face barriers in participating in third level legal education are an important way of ensuring greater accessibility to careers in law and a more diverse and inclusive profession. 

“Matheson is proud to partner with Trinity College Dublin to launch the Matheson Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship in furtherance of this important aspect of our Diversity and Inclusion Commitment, which we have named our Cara Commitment in honour of our late partner, and Trinity graduate, Cara O’Hagan.”

The recipient of the Scholarship will receive:

         a place on Matheson’s Summer Internship programme;

a financial contribution of €5,000 for each remaining academic year of their undergraduate degree;
an assigned mentor from Matheson to support them during their university journey; and
access to the firm’s library and online learning platform.

The first recipient of the Scholarship will participate in our internship programme in June 2019.  To find out more – or contact our Director of Learning and Development, Nicola White.

The Irish Centre for Diversity were delighted to speak at IAPI’s International Women’s day event.

The Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) marked International Women’s Day with a unique celebration at the RHA Gallery in Dublin.

‘Out of the Mouth of Babes -Achieving the Balancing Act’ which was sponsored by explored the concept of how equality of input feeds into a balanced business culture and greater output. editor Sybil Mulcahy stepped in to act as MC for the event and welcomed DMG CEO Paul Henderson to the stage.

The morning began with a screening of the Out of the Mouth of Babes video.


IAPI tasked children from 3rd-6th class in Griffeen Valley Educate together school to share their unfiltered views on equality and diversity.

This was followed with a one-of-a-kind workshop with keynote speaker Natasha Broomfield Reid. Natasha is a recipient of the Stonewall Cymru’s LGBT+ ‘Ally of the Year’ Award.


She also achieved special mention in the UK National Centre for Diversity’s Inspirational Person Award in 2016.

Natasha believes that lack of diversity in creative industries will halt organisation’s growth and success.

Too often, leaders tend to choose male leadership traits when female leadership traits  such as creativity, collaboration and trustworthiness are proving that they are the traits that can get best results.

The interactive workshop questioned the skills needed for business success by dissecting whether certain skills are perceived as predominantly perceived as male or female

Her recommendations to foster diversity included flexible working hours for all staff. She also championed the idea of actively minimising the gender pay gap.

Natasha was followed by Caroline Tyler, County Director for the Irish Centre for Diversity with Charley Stoney CEO of IAPI also taking to the stage.

‘I often reflect that we here in Ireland are very fortunate as we only have to contend with our own internal barriers; we do not have to battle discriminatory laws or legislation as others around the world in less fortunate circumstances do.

‘We must ensure that we do not fall victim to our own stereotypes or gender biases,’ she said.


The morning was closed by Charlotte Barker, IAPI Board Member and Chair of the Diversity Council. Deputy Managing Director at Dynamo, Dublin Design Agency, Charlotte was also the winner of the 2017 IAPI Doyenne Award for Leadership Excellence.

Charlotte was delighted to announce the launch of the new IAPI initiative, the IAPI INCLUSION NETWORK which will roll out a continuous Diversity & Inclusion programme supporting IAPI member.

IAPI hosts inspirational International Women’s Day event to encourage equality of input




Nestlé Ireland achieves Investors in Diversity Silver accreditation

Staff at Nestlé Ireland have become one of the first companies in Ireland to be awarded the Investors in Diversity Silver accreditation from the Irish Centre for Diversity. The Irish Centre for Diversity works in partnership with organisations across Ireland? to help them embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in all they do and to transform the workplace environment into one which is equitable and inclusive.

The requirements for this achievement looks beyond company policies and procedures, and at the character of the organisation and the principles of its staff as well as behaviours, conduct, attitudes and beliefs.

The accreditation is provide following assessed of a organisations statements in relation to EDI in their workplace. It covers areas such as the leadership team’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) approaches, respect and trust, as well as specific initiatives introduced by the organisation to promote inclusion and diversity across the workplace.

According to Andrew Shaw, County Manager, Nestlé Ireland: “It is a tremendous accolade to receive for our all our people who embraced Diversity & Inclusion in their everyday roles and engagement with others in the business. It has been a people led empowerment which has translated into our company adopting new policies and ensuring our language, attitude and respect for all cross every part of our business from our policies through to our events and activities,” he says.

The entire Citywest office are proud to kick off 2019 with great news of this achievement, which will run from January 2019 and is valid for 24 months.