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Newstalk Workplace Wellbeing Podcast – Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace – a view of employer Vs employee

Everyone benefits when best practice on D&I is shared and the space is made for the conversations that lead to greater learning and understanding.

 Thank you to Vincent Wall, Alex Rousseau and the rest of the team at Newstalk radio’s Workplace Wellbeing podcast – supported by laya healthcare – for including Irish Centre for Diversity in this discussion and for using their reach and influence to address this vital topic by speaking with Andrew Campbell-Edie, our Communications Manager about diversity at work and how companies can champion and encourage it. 

The full episode explores how Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging show in the modern workplace and features Caroline Reidy, Managing Director of The HR Suite and Paul McClatchie, founder of Engage People Recruitment covering how recruitment and workplace policies have evolved as diversity increases. Vincent also speaks with Angela. Smith, CEO of WorkEqual who explains the practical ways her company helps people get back into work.

Listen here – https://www.newstalk.com/podcasts/workplace-wellbeing/diversity-inclusion-and-belonging-in-the-workplace-a-view-of-employer-vs-employee

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