About Us

The Irish Centre for Diversity’s aim is to work in partnership with organisations across Ireland to help them embed equality, diversity and inclusion in all they do. Our goal is to positively influence beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and conduct towards issues surrounding EDI.

We want organisations to do more than just tick boxes; we want them to transform the workplace environment to one, which is equitable and inclusive.

"Diversity means different, We are all different therefore diversity includes us all"


Our services include the highly prestigious Investors in Diversity accreditation, which is Ireland first all encompassing, diversity and inclusion mark offering a holistic approach to improving Equality and Diversity across all grounds.

We also produce the Equality Ireland annual directory highlighting
employment opportunities and services to the divers communities of Ireland.

Our team of highly-trained and experienced consultants are able to work with your organisation should you need support with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) matters such as:

  • A specific EDI issue within your organisation that requires further


  • Writing a bid or grant application that includes EDI content

  • Embedding EDI terminology into policies

  • Evaluation of EDI in your supply chain

If you have a particular EDI need please get in touch and we can advise you on how best to approach the subject.