Awards Terms & Conditions

All information submitted will be treated in confidence.

The word count limit per nomination is 750. No support material should be provided at the initial stage. If additional information is presented during the interview of finalists – judges may request a copy of the presentation.

We appreciate that D&I strategies can take time to come to fruition.  The activity in the entry/nomination should have been running since 2022 or before and the main results presented should have been measured in 2023.

The conferring of an award is based on the unanimous view of the judge for that category and the Chair of the judging panel.  Sponsors and members of the Irish Centre for Diversity team do not participate in the judging process.

No correspondence will be entered into. The judges’ decision is final.

Any attempt to influence/canvas the judging panel or tamper with the judging process will result in prompt disqualification for all entries pertaining to the entrant on whose behalf the canvassing is made.

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