Advancing Social Inclusion Award Part 2

An award to recognise an organisation’s efforts to reduce inequalities and barriers that prevent people from underrepresented socio-economic areas from fully engaging and progressing in the workplace.

Social economic inclusion is the process of actively integrating individuals from diverse economic backgrounds into society and ensuring they have equal access to opportunities, resources, and services, education, and employment/ career opportunities. Aiming to reduce inequalities and barriers that prevent people from underrepresented socio-economic areas from fully participating and benefiting from social, economic, and cultural aspects of life and in the workplace.

Closing date for entries: Friday 20 October, 2023

If you have any queries, please see the FAQ

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Submissions should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Community Engagement and Empowerment: Demonstrating a strong commitment to engaging with communities from underrepresented socio-economic areas and empowering them in the workplace through various initiatives, such as skill development workshops, mentorship programs, and community-led projects.
  • Education and Training Programs: Supporting educational programs and scholarships targeted at individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, aiming to improve access to quality education and enhance their future opportunities.
  • Job Creation and Inclusive Employment Practices: Promoting job creation in underprivileged areas and implementing inclusive hiring practices to ensure individuals from underrepresented socio-economic backgrounds have equal access to job opportunities.
  • Cultural Inclusion and Diversity: Celebrating and supporting the diverse cultural heritage of underrepresented socio-economic communities, fostering a sense of pride and inclusion.
  • By recognizing organisations that actively promote social inclusion and support initiatives for people from underrepresented socio-economic areas, the award encourages companies to take concrete steps towards building a more equitable and inclusive society.

Complete your Nomination

Please provide an outline of the activity in the entry/nomination form.  Shortlisted entrants will be asked to provide evidence at a later part of the judging process.

Please Consent:

Frequently Asked Questions


Length of Submission

750 words per submission. Entries over 750 words will be cut at the 750 word mark and the remainder deleted before consideration

Support Material(s)

No support material can be accepted with the initial entry. If shortlisted as a finalist, you will be invited to a 30-minute interview with a judge/judges.  You may use a presentation as part of the interview and the judges will accept a copy of the presentation after the interview.


If shortlisted for an interview with a judge/judges, consider which member of your team can best share the story of your D&I initiative.  Plan your interview so all participants are given an opportunity to speak and consider diversity in the interview panel.


The judges are looking for strategies that had/have real impact in the workplace.  Include focus on the transformation that result from the D&I initiatives. Ensure this is referenced from initial application and, if shortlisted,  expanded on in the interview.

Highlight the exceptional

Impress the judges by ensuring the entry focuses on exceptional efforts.

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Advancing Social Inclusion Award

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