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A fundamental aspect of building inclusive working environments is ensuring  that everybody has the knowledge and awareness they need to foster a supportive, inclusive culture.  Furthermore, training is a fundamental part of developing workplace talent and it is important to provide valuable learning opportunities to enhance engagement at work.

Our eLearning courses help to build Inclusion at work by stimulating the conversations and sharing that help with appreciating different perspectives. Our eLearning is ideally suited to delivering an understanding of D&I topics ahead of bespoke follow-up training sessions in more focussed smaller groups – where what we deliver is exactly what is needed.

Benefits of our eLearning courses:
• Quick and convenient
• Cost-effective
• Access to learner reports

Below is a list of our current eLearning courses, click on each to see more details.

FREDIE – The Basics

Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement – FREDIE, is the backbone of a truly inclusive culture.  This course provides an introduction to good FREDIE practices in the workplace, and is a great way to ensure all team members understand Ireland’s legislation around D&I in the workplace and how it is relevant to them.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Refresh knowledge of the Equal Status Acts & Employment Equality Acts
  2. Understand what is meant by FREDIE practices
  3. Understand how FREDIE practices create an effective workplace
  4. Recognise the Dos and Don’ts of workplace inclusion

Unconscious Bias

Bias affects our thinking and decisions in relation to others who we see in either a positive or negative way.  This course explores how bias negatively impacts choices in relation to hiring, promoting and performance management.  Full of practical tips and fascinating insights, it provides the tools to identify and manage some of the inherent bias that we all have in our thinking and decision making.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Better understand the relationship between unconscious (and explicit) biases and Inclusion
  2. Better understand how biases affect attitudes, beliefs and behaviours
  3. Increase awareness of individual biases and improve the ability to manage them
  4. ‘How to’ tips for improving inclusion in the workplace

LGBT+ Inclusion

This interactive and engaging course with real-life example scenarios provides the perfect introduction to LGBT+ identities and how to make the workplace more inclusive of people from an LGBT+ background.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn practical tips for LGBT+ inclusion
  2. Better understand Trans Inclusivity and Gender Pronouns
  3. Be confident in the definitions of Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation

Race and Ethnicity Inclusion

This insightful course provides an overview of Race and Racism and explores the extra challenges these present.  The course includes practical measures to better support colleagues from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Helps understanding of Race and ethnicity inclusion
  2. Helps recognising subtle forms of Racism through the lens of micro-aggressions, micro-inequities and micro-exclusions
  3. Helps to understand how ethnocentricity affects behaviours
  4. Explores allyship aids to help people of African, Caribbean, Asian and Minority Ethnic descent (and vice versa)

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