Investors in Diversity Ireland (IiD) is Ireland’s first all encompassing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion mark.


The Irish Centre for Diversity, supported by Ibec and the DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion are delighted to introduce the first all encompassing Diversity and Inclusion mark for Irish businesses. 

Whether you are just starting your EDI journey or already well established in your efforts, our Investors in Diversity framework will support you along your journey of continuous improvement, through one of our three levels:

Investors in Diversity Gold

Leading: The ‘Gold Investors in Diversity EDI Mark’ is all about excellence and ensuring EDI is part of the DNA of your organisation. In this stage, organisations must demonstrate how EDI is embedded across everything, and as a result is influencing the “lived experience” of employees in a positive way.

Attainment Requirements: In order to gain a ‘Gold Investors in Diversity EDI Mark’, organisations must conduct an in-depth self-assessment of EDI practices across our Five Principle Pillars.

1) Diverse and Inclusive Leadership
2) Policies, Procedures, Processes
3) Recruitment, Retention and Progression
4) Recording and Monitoring
5) Impact on external diversity

Average Timescale: From start to finish, where there is commitment, it takes circa twelve to sixteen weeks to attain Gold.

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