Ellisha Soanes

White female with light brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

Ellisha Soanes


As an award-winning Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) specialist, Ellisha has worked in the education sector for the past seven years and in the health and social care/Public Health sector for over 10 years.

Ellisha is an advocate for change on social mobility and she was highly influential as one of the first Further Education lecturers in the UK to facilitate Black History across the year.  Her accolades include creating the ‘Elimu Little Book of knowledge’ – one of the first Black History interactive books that shows positive representation, which is being used across schools and the award-winning ‘Power of Stories’ Black Panther Exhibition.

Ellisha has closely worked with international stakeholders to support cultural change.  She mentors young people in the community and collaborates with businesses and communities to empower others to create new opportunities.  Ellisha regularly contributes articles to The Guardian, BBC and Huffington Post.  She has been honoured in ‘Glamour’ magazine for being a Top-15 Trailblazer Black Women and is a United Nations Women’s delegate.


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