Michael Lassman 

Michael Lassman

D&I Trainer/ Advisor

Michael has many years’ experience as a diversity and inclusion practitioner, with a passion for equality and social justice in the workplace and beyond. He has worked with young people with severe learning disabilities on integration programmes in the 1980s, with older people recovering from strokes and spinal injuries and was also the chief executive of a small national mental health charity. 

In 2006, Michael founded Equality Edge, to provide coaching, training and public speaking on many aspects of diversity, inclusion and allyship. His work takes him into public sector bodies, businesses of all sizes and voluntary organisations. Since 2016, he has also delivered services to large corporations in India. 

Michael is the London Regional Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses, with responsibilities for both member and political engagement, lobbying and policy development. He is also a trustee of several charities. 

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