Picture shows four people looking at a mobile phone screen and all smiling.  There are two female and two males, they appear to be aged 25-35 years and are all casually-dressed.

Everyone benefits when best practice on D&I is shared, so we are grateful to have been invited to contribute to this Irish Times article about the impact of USA’s experience on advances in Ireland.

“…the presence of US multinationals in Ireland has helped pave the way for more equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Many of these firms have clear policies that support underrepresented groups and many Irish people, working alongside a diverse group of colleagues, have become not just more tolerant, but genuinely accepting. At the same time, employee resource groups (ERGs) – workplace clubs based around a shared interest or identity, such as LGBTQ+, neurodiversity or, for instance, Brazilian groups – have sprung up.

Andrew Campbell-Edie, communications manager at the Irish Centre for Diversity, says that diversity and inclusion have risen up the agenda to the point where a lack of progress is a liability.  “Stakeholders on many fronts – current and prospective employees, consumers/end users, shareholders and business partners – are joining and leading the calls for change,”…

Enjoy the full article here.





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