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We are excited to launch our Inclusive Leadership Development Programme. 
Inclusive Leaders help their organisations to succeed in today’s interconnected national and global environment. They are essential to D&I progress in the workplace and get the best out of their teams with enhanced ‘people’ skills that better engage and support colleagues to reach their potential.
This all-new personal development course has been devised for leaders of organisations who are looking to build their knowledge, understanding and competency around becoming an Inclusive Leader while enhancing their knowledge around wider Diversity. 
The three-stage programme is built on an Assess-Improve-Review (AIR) model
1 – The process begins with I-Test, which is a self-assessment test to ascertain a person’s starting level of Inclusion with the people they interact with
2 – Next, results from the test are used to create a Personal Improvement Plan, which includes 10 x one-to-one coaching, support and education sessions with modules covering Fairness, Respect, Equity/Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Emotional engagement (FREDIE) and others covering practical skills and solutions to scenarios that can be applied to the workplace
3 – Progress on the programme is reviewed by re-running the I-Test to highlight areas of improvement made as a leader
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